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Indoor Flying with MexAir R/C Season 3

10/14/2016 - 4/14/2017

MexAir R/C, with the help of the HAWKS Junior Aviators program, is running an indoor flying program this winter. We are starting on October 14th and we will be running until April 14th, 2017. We will fly every Friday night from 6pm-9pm at the Mexico Elementary School located in Mexico, NY. Everyone is welcome to join in!

There is a $5 charge for any adults who wish to fly. Anyone ages 19 or below fly for free!!

Our goal is to perpetuate the remote control hobby to the fullest extent possible by making it easy for kids to get involved. They are, of course, the future of the hobby. We have a demo version of a ParkZone Vapor airplane for the kids to try out for their first session. After their first session, it is recommended that the student purchase their own aircraft for as little as $29.99 + tax.

AMA (Academy for Model Aeronautics) insurance will be required for everyone after their first session. For new adult members this will cost $38.00 for the rest of 2016 through the end of 2017. AMA is FREE for anyone age 19 or below if born before July 1st of their birthyear. Below is a list of things to know and some pictures.

Here is all of the information you will need regarding indoor flying this coming winter.

  • We will begin October 14th of 2016 and the last day of indoor flying will be on April 14th, 2017.
  • The entrance to the door for the gym is marked by one of our small business signs outside the door. Look for the MEXAIR RC sign!
  • We will be flying every Friday from 6pm to 9pm, except for March 24th, 2017 (pre-scheduled school event).
  • We will NOT be flying the day after Thanksgiving and the Friday after Christmas (the school is closed on these days.
  • The address for the Mexico Elementary School is 26 Academy Street, Mexico, NY 13114
  • We will be flying in ME1 (Gym1) OR ME2 (Gym2) depending on the availability of the big Gym. We will post these details on FACEBOOK and will know near the beginning of the week if we are able to get into the big gym. This is a week by week basis. Our last season we few in the big gym almost every session.
  • Any time you see "After school activities are canceled" on the news for Mexico Schools we will not be flying that day. Any cancellations will be posted on the MexAir facebook: You may always call us at 315-532-6826 for information.
  • Power will be available.
  • AMA is required!!! It is only $38.00 for an adult Park Flier membership. Kids (19 before July first of their birthyear or below) receive FULL AMA membership for free! NEW AMA membership will be available on site and is pro-rated through 2017.
  • NO ENTRY FEE FOR KIDS! If you are 19 or below, you fly for free. Adult fliers will be charged $5 per night. Spectators are free to enter.

Map of how to get to the Mexico Elementary School

Pictures Inside the old Gym. New pictures will come after the season starts.

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