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The Quickie 500 Makes a Come-Back – with a Vengeance!

Some of you may remember the Quickie 500 Workshop from the days of Redneck R/C when we were in Fulton, NY. Well – It’s back! Anyone interested can sign up for MexAir’s upcoming aircraft construction workshop right now. For information on the workshop and its goals (and what you get out of it), some pictures of what you will start with and examples of the completed plane, just see below. Signup is limited, so check it out and give us a holler (315-532-6826) if you’re interested or have suggestions!


Quickie 500 Workshop – No Experience Necessary!

Only $75 Basic Cost! You keep the knowledge and skills gained and the airplane goes home with you also!
MexAir R/C invites you to attend a series of construction workshops right here in store where you will have the opportunity to build and ultimately fly a Glen Spickler 1972 design of the original Quickie 500. This sleek aircraft was the first Quickie 500 that led to the famous Quickie 500 pylon racing events.

Why might this be a great experience? The purpose of this workshop is to have you become familiar with “built-up” R/C aircraft construction techniques so you will feel comfortable independently constructing any balsa aircraft kit or ARF. This will be accomplished through hands-on construction that will allow for modifications and variations in design from the original plans. The program will give individuals the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced builder and modeler. It will be a self-paced program with one-on-one instruction, as needed. You will become reasonably familiar and proficient in the use of modeling tools, covering techniques, and complete assembly of the finished aircraft. You will be able to share ideas with each other and develop friendships with both experienced modelers and the novice.

Tools? You will have the opportunity to utilize many “tools of the trade”, from the simple and absolutely necessary “hobby knife with No. 11 blade” to the many power tools that can sometimes be helpful – although they are simply conveniences. This program is designed such that you will not need to have your own tools and construction equipment. In this way – if you decide that the experience was great, but you might never do this again, you did not invest your money unnecessarily. All construction tools will be provided for your use although you may use your own if you have any. Of course, our wish is that through your success and satisfaction you will find a life-long hobby that will take you to the next level! Either way you still take your Quickie home with you!

Knowledge? You will learn, through experience, intricate construction methods, proper gluing materials and techniques, alignments, adjusting center of gravity, covering, aircraft mechanical and electrical operation, and everything in between to create a fully functional and flyable airplane.
You will be provided with all the airframe materials, various glues, sandpaper, specialty tools, rolled plans and instructions necessary to completely frame the famed Spickler Quickie 500. The balsa, plywood, and hardwood are precut and shaped to make project completion possible in time for this upcoming seasons’ flying. This aircraft is normally powered by a .40 sized nitro engine, but is easily converted to an equivalently sized electric motor.

Format and Structure? The workshops are very flexible, allowing you to participate in groups or individually throughout the winter / early spring. Group sessions will be held on Saturdays and Sundays. Individual sessions can be held “by appointment” any day (except Monday) throughout the rest of the week. Group sessions are limited to 4 – 5 individuals to best provide individual attention. Times and session duration will be determined based upon your input. You are not obligated to attend each scheduled session, and you can switch days to best accommodate your schedule.

The Bottom Line (AKA – so what’s it gonna cost me?) The basic cost of $75 is well worth just the wood kit! There are a few possible variations you may choose such as “power plant” (Nitro or electric), fixed or steerable tail wheel or fixed wire tail gear, covering material, and other possibilities. Because of this; the hardware, covering, and electronics are not provided in the basic cost. You may already have what you need or you may purchase finishing materials / electronics from the supplier of your choice.

More Info? Suggestions? For additional details or questions feel free to stop in or call us at 315.532.6826. We are open to suggestions and other ideas.

Want to help or mentor? Experienced already? Yes – you are also a valuable asset and we need you! The more ideas and knowledge to share, the better. There are more ways than one to skin a plane!

Want In? Just stop in or call us and we’ll go from there.

When? We plan on starting as soon as the first three individuals sign up!
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