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Here you will find the new X4MR250 Racing Quadcopter Frame.  

This frame is designed for 250-class quadcopter racing and is one of the lightest Carbon Fiber frames on the market (~120 grams).  We are using the highest quality quasi-isotropic aircraft grade carbon fiber available to us on the market.  Our quads are different than our competitors in many ways, most notibly is the Carbon Fiber Sandwich design where we use a core material between two 1mm Carbon Fiber plates, creating an extremely rigid and light-weight design.  

All frames are cut using CNC for the carbon fiber and laser for the core material.  We then put the materials together by hand using a special adhesive mix.  This allows us to embed as much wiring as possible, creating less wire clutter and less resistance during flight.

This frame is designed to be light-weight, stream-lined, extremely fast and durable.  

The frame is so lightweight, there is no need for "lightening holes" in the arms or main body, which also reduces resistance; creating a faster flight.  

We have also designed it to be easy to repair in the field in the event of a tragic crash.  We use "thumb screws" to attach frame pieces together, allowing you to make adjustments and repairs on the go without the need for tools.  

The arms are designed to swing back in the event of a crash, reducing possible damage to the frame and/or electronics.  

This quad is roomy enough to carry your standard 12-amp or 18-amp speed controls, your Flight Controller, Power Distribution Board, FPV Camera, FPV Transmitter and HD recording camera (RunCam Recommended).  

Recommended batteries:  3S 2200mAh LiPo (for sport flying), 4S 1400mAh LiPo (for 4S race setups), or a 3S 1350mAh LiPo (3S Spec Racing).

We have a PDF Manual which can be found in the "250 Class Quadcopter Racing" Section of this website and also have a series of instructional videos to assist you with set-up and installation.  

Check out the instruction manual for more details.  

This listing is for the frame, hardware and some acccessories only.  Power Distribution Board is included as well as some accessories.  Does not include ESCs, Motors,  or Flight Controller.  See pictures for included parts.

X4MR250 Racing Quadcopter - Frame and Accessories

$179.99 Regular Price
$149.99Sale Price
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